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Arthur B. Liu has loved fine arts since childhood

started his formal fine arts education at 10

Arthur giving his album Glories of Flowing Colors

to first Lady US Hilary Clinton.

Professor Liu speaking

at the "2013 Ellis Island Medals of Honor USA" award ceremony

Arthur B. Liu

  • Author // educator // Artist // Inventor

Arthur B. Liu is President of Queens Art Education Center, New York, Visiting Professor of China’s Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Member of American Watercolor Society, Artist of U.S. National Art League, Director of Chinese Culture Art Association of New York, and Member of Lions Clubs International. Arthur B. Liu was born of a scholarly family in China. His father Liu Shouqiang, a famous calligrapher and seal engraver, worked in education for nearly 70 years. Arthur B. Liu graduated with flying colors from the Fine Arts Department of Guangzhou Normal Institute in 1980 and was retained by the Institute as a teacher. He further studied at the Education Department, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In 1984, he came to the United States to pursue postgraduate study in fine arts and got his Master’s Degree of Fine Arts, the highest academic degree available in Fine Arts, at the City College of CUNY in 1990.

Flowing Colors Oil Painting

In 1998, he founded Queens Art Education Center, the first Chinese professional art school in New York, which has now opened 4 branches in different boroughs of New York City. He has worked as an educator for more than 30 years with thousands of students hailing from all over the world. He has written textbooks on fine arts containing his own drawings and paintings, including the copyrighted work "Learning Chinese/English Through Drawing" as well as the forthcoming "Learning Nursery Rhymes Through Drawing" and "Learning Poems Through Drawing". In recognition of his outstanding achievements, in China, the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts has engaged him as a guest professor and similarly in the U.S., he was nominated for the Ellis Island Medals of Honor. He is truly an educator of distinction.

Arthur B. Liu has loved fine arts since childhood. He started his formal education in fine arts at the tender age of 10, long before entering Guangzhou Normal Institute and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts for further studies. In 1987, as a graduate student at the City College of CUNY, he started probing into a brand new approach to artistic expression that embraces Chinese and Western art, by absorbing the essence of Western-style painting and applying the techniques of traditional Chinese painting. The end result was an original and unique painting technique with an oil painting pigment he has patented under the name “Flowing Color Oil Painting”. Arthur B. Liu has never ceased studying and creating. The past two decades have seen him participating in art exhibitions and painting contests year after year, winning numerous prizes. In 2001, he won the Gold Prize in the World Peace Contest held in Houston, USA. In May, 2008, he was recognized as “One of the Top Ten Most Influential Painters” at the Beijing International Art Expo. In May 2010, he was given the Golden Award at the Shanghai International Art Expo held during the famous Shanghai World Expo. In December 2010, he participated in the Guangzhou International Art Expo, bringing home the Prize for Outstanding Paintings. By winning the highest awards at all three international art expos in the three most famous cities in China, Arthur B. Liu has won, as an artist, a veritable “grand slam”, proving himself to be a truly distinguished artist.

Thanks to his unremitting research and innovative efforts in the field of fine arts, Arthur B. Liu has invented the following cultural and educational products that have been awarded both the Chinese and American patents:

1. In August 2009, the Flowing Colors Oil Painting technique and the Flowing-colors Oil Paint he invented were patented in the United States (patent # US 7,572,126 B2). Arthur B. Liu is the only Chinese-American artist who has been granted a patent in an art field in the United States. Application for a patent in China is in the pipeline(#201010134531.1).

2. In November 2011, Arthur B. Liu patented his Multi-colored Pencil in China and Hong Kong respectively (patent nos. ZL201120125765.X and HK 1152194). The invention is undergoing the application (US13/730,762) process for patenting in the U.S. The Multi-colored Pencil is a magic pencil designed to develop the intelligence of elementary school students and provide a key to the door of learning Chinese painting.

3. In January 2013 Arthur B. Liu patented in China his Tai Chi Sword Brush (patent # ZL 2012 2 0383759.9). Suitable for people of all ages, the product is a brand-new tool for full physical exercise with its multiple functions. The invention is undergoing the application (#US 13/890,225) process for patenting in the U.S.

4. In August 2010, Liu secured the copyright in the US (copyright # TX U-1-699-731) for his textbook entitled Learning Chinese/English Through Drawing. With graphic images and bilingual instructions, the three-book series provides a much-needed resource for English speakers to learn Chinese and Chinese speakers to learn English, while learning to draw pictures. Liu is continuing with the compilation of his second drawing textbook entitled Learning Nursery Rhymes Through Drawing and his third, Learning Poems Through Drawing.

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5. Starting in March 2013, Arthur B. Liu has been writing textbooks on Multi-Color Pencil Chinese Painting (five-book series) respectively entitled: Fishes and Insects series,Flowers Series, Birds Series, Animal Series, and Landscape Series. The U.S. copyright is undergoing the application process. Arthur B. Liu is the only Chinese American artist who has been granted patents for inventions in the art field of the USA. He also became the first person to win the top prize of “Chunhui Cup” in the cultural field, an annual award established by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, State Council and Academy of Sciences for outstanding Chinese students learning abroad, making him a true innovative artist and inventor.

Founded by Arthur B. Liu in early 1998, the Queens Art Education Center is an art center with a government registration filed with the Education Administration of New York City for artistic study where students can learn fine arts, cultivate their artistic abilities, meet fellow artists, and hold art shows. It has been the venue of countless art exhibitions, drawing classes, and drawing contests, contributing to the prosperity of the community and promoting the art education and training of a new generation of artists. Some of Arthur B. Liu’s students have won gold prizes in various drawing contests. Some have been enrolled into art schools and art colleges. Some have gone on to work in the field of fine arts and designing. And some are studying hard to be the artists of the future….